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Ways to Improve Customer Service in Logistics

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Improving Logistics Customer Service - Logistic team working together
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
October 14, 2022

Working in logistics plays a vital role in customer satisfaction relating to the speed at which items are shipped to customers. It's easy for consumers to choose competitors if they are dissatisfied with a product or its delivery. The combination of digital technology and strong customer service are keys to modern business success. Here are important methods for improving customer service in logistics.

Be Transparent and Personal

Make your business visible with analytics you share with others in your supply chain. Modern suppliers stay updated with real-time data about supply levels and client demand. One of the keys to improving customer service in logistics is to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) software platform. You can develop personalized conversations with customers by building profile data on them.

Choose Partners Carefully

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Whoever you choose as a partner in your supply chain should be an entity you've thoroughly investigated and evaluated. You should not associate with suppliers that are unreliable at providing goods when you need them. It's helpful to work with multiple partners in a supply chain as long as you conduct due diligence in studying each one before signing a contract.

It's common for manufacturers to partner with storage and transportation companies as part of their distribution network. Make sure the transportation firm emphasizes fuel efficiency and plans alternate routes in case the main route has a slowdown or shutdown. A transportation company should also have a good reputation or hire drivers with good driving records and minimal accidents.

Use Warehouse Picking Best Practices

Many times accurate warehouse picking is the key that leads to customers getting their goods on time. The best picking practices include staying on top of labor costs, picking directly into a shipping container, and establishing picking routes that match the picking strategy. The more your business embraces warehouse picking best practices, the more time and money it will save.

Pickers need to learn strategies to increase the pace of picking. It's important to note that picking too quickly can lead to errors. But picking at a steady pace can help make deliveries more smooth. Picking errors can be reduced with automated picking machines. Even though picking may seem simple, it should be treated as a job involving constant learning.

Use Pallets for Efficient Storage


One of the less talked about ways to improve customer service in logistics is to use pallets to store inventory efficiently. Pallets allow for utilizing vertical space by stacking items. They also help organize inventory in a way that's easy to transport with a forklift. Pallets help make the delivery process smooth by keeping certain types of items in one place. They are considered to be a cornerstone of a streamlined logistics operation.

Keep Customer Touch Points Consistent

Consumers can become frustrated when dealing with several different touch points to resolve an issue. It's easy to give up on brand loyalty if the firm does not deliver the right items to the right customers on time.

Ideally, a customer only has to deal with one sales representative throughout the customer journey. One sales rep makes the communication process simple and more personalized. But if the customer must deal with multiple reps, it's best to have a CRM platform so that all reps can access the same customer data.

Maintain a Consistent Loyal Staff

Another key to improving customer service in logistics is to avoid high turnover, so that you maintain a consistent customer-centric staff. Customers feel more connected with a brand if they deal with familiar personalities. The cost of high turnover is not only expensive in terms of increased training, but there's also a high risk when employees are not loyal and don't care about improving the customer experience.

The best way to maintain a loyal team is to treat each employee as an important team component. Employees will feel better about their jobs if they know there's a chance for higher pay and are acknowledged for their accomplishments. Creating a flexible work environment with employee benefits is a reliable way to attract the best talent.

Provide Tracking for Deliveries

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One of the best ways to make customers feel good about the delivery process is to give them access to real-time data on where the product is along its route. If the item is late, the tracking will at least let them know when to expect the package. Companies that make tracking data available to customers have a competitive edge over those that do not.

Focus on Last Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery is the most crucial part of the journey because it determines whether the package makes it to the recipient on time. The rise of third-party logistics (3PL) firms has been due largely to the need to tap into real-time analytics and automated picking machines. Today many manufacturers outsource to 3PLs due to their prioritization of last-mile delivery concerns. The more you fine-tune your last-mile delivery, the more you'll be able to satisfy customers.

Other Tips to Improving Customer Service

• Be accessible to assist customers with solving problems

• Emphasize clear communication as a key to sales success

• Don't escalate an argument with upset customers about a delivery error

• Train customer service agents to adapt to new situations

• Direct customers to self-help content on your website


The more you customize your warehouse layout and use pallets to store inventory efficiently, the better position you'll be in to speed up the delivery process. From there, you’ll be on your way to improving customer service in logistics.