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Clean Air Systems for Warehouses & Logistics

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Clean Air System for Warehouses
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
June 25, 2021

One of the leading health issues affecting a warehouse environment is ensuring clean indoor air quality and proper air ventilation. Breathing clean air is crucial for all workplaces, particularly for large warehouses that require robust HVAC systems. Lack of clean air can lead to increased sick leave and an unpredictable workforce. Here are essential considerations for implementing clean air systems for warehouses.

The Problem Of Dust Buildup‍

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Dust builds up more heavily in industrial environments than in the average office workplace. One of the reasons for this accumulation is due to the daily turnover of various types of packaging. Dust gets moved in the air through multiple activities such as moving forklifts, opening cardboard boxes, and stacking items.

Constant movement leads to tiny particles spreading throughout the warehouse. Drilling, sanding, and other construction-type activities add to the dusty environment. Over time a logistics center can appear to be unclean if not appropriately maintained. But the biggest problem to worry about is warehouse workers breathing polluted air.

Need For Industrial Air Cleaners‍

Industrial Air Cleaner

Accumulation of dust in large areas creates unhealthy conditions for employees exposed to air pollution. This issue cannot be rectified simply by using consumer air purifiers. A practical solution is to use a portable commercial HEPA filter air purifier such as Camfil's mobile or stationary CC6000 air purifier. This solution uses uniform temperature distribution to optimize air quality with constant control of airflow volume.

Bag dust removers equipped with HEPA filters effectively eliminate nearly all dust from large to extra fine particles. General contractors widely use this solution for construction projects. Some warehouses use a combination of solutions, including a vortex dust collection system with a central HVAC air duct, HEPA purification system, and portable air cleaners. It's essential to avoid the cheapest solution and focus on existing factors in your warehouses, such as square footage, amount and size of dust particles, and volume of air space.

You need to pay attention to OSHA requirements for your industry so you can invest in the right industrial HEPA air filtration system and other dust collection devices. Cheap consumer solutions usually are not appropriate for warehouses, as they are incapable of removing large areas of large dust particles. Combining high-quality consumer HEPA vacuum cleaners and consumer air purifiers is simply not strong enough to guarantee clean air at a warehouse. Consumer-grade solutions can make a warehouse worse by moving around toxic particles, leading to OSHA fines. You ultimately need a commercial HEPA cleaner explicitly designed for removing harmful submicron particles.

Outsourcing To A 3PL‍

3PL - Third-Party Logistics

Turning to clean air systems for warehouses can be achieved by partnering with the right third-party logistics firm, commonly referred to as a 3PL provider. A company that contracts with multiple warehouses to handle logistics often is prepared to make operations as energy-efficient and environmentally safe as possible. When searching for a 3PL partner, do comprehensive research on each candidate, then narrow down the list based on which firms fit your business model.

Check into the logistics firm's clientele to determine how well they handle the operations you need to perform. See if they have any public complaints online about workplace efficiency and safety. Consider how long the company has been in business, which matters because supply chains are in a transformation period

of going more digital. There's a huge advantage to hiring a third party dedicated to investing in new technology that typical suppliers cannot afford.

The best choice for a 3PL is a firm that focuses on improving sustainability. Such a company is conscious of modern environmental problems and public health issues. Working with a 3PL that sees the big picture of creating a win-win-win for owners, employees and customers will set your company on a path toward achieving ultimate efficiency. A 3PL based on sustainability understands the value of a healthy workforce and its bottom line.


Warehouses can be giant centers of unhealthy air if not managed carefully. Remember that healthy workers can increase productivity, but an unwell staff can create the opposite effect. Making sure your warehouse is as clean as possible will help improve productivity and company reputation. If you’re looking for pallets in California, get a quote today.