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MODEX 2022 in Atlanta, GA March 28-31, 2022

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MODEX 2022 in Atlanta GA March 28-31 - Fair
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
August 13, 2021

Over 900 exhibitors from the logistics industry and government will showcase innovative supply chain solutions at MODEX 2022. The large annual trade show is in Atlanta, GA, on March 28-31, 2022. The trade show floor covers over 325,000 square feet. Here's what to expect for MODEX and what it means to suppliers.

Solution-Specific Floor Layout‍

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MODEX will bring together different supply chain solutions divided into solution-specific sections, making the show easy to explore. Vendors will showcase and demonstrate new innovative and traditional equipment, systems, and services to make logistics more efficient. The convention targets logistics managers looking to improve productivity and cut waste.

One of the most innovative exhibitions before the event, MODEX Exhibit Space Draw, was held in November 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina, which attracted over 600 exhibitors who reserved over 350,000 net square feet of floor space for the 2022 event. The upcoming convention will include many co-located partner events. The first booth selected was Vanderlande Industries.

A wide range of supply chain vendors will be discussing various problems and solutions for the coming years. One of the biggest challenges is overcoming material shortages. Resilient suppliers, though, will develop lists of backup suppliers to turn to in case of emergencies. Investing in digital transformation will likely be an even more significant challenge due to tight budgets.

Keynote Addresses‍

The convention will also feature several keynote speakers from the logistics industry who will comment on changes and challenges facing supply chains in the current economy. Educational seminars will be conducted by industry experts as well, focusing on IT solutions for supply chains. One of the biggest challenges to be addressed is making logistics more agile yet safer regarding transportation services.

These exhibits will go over ideas on how to expand existing supply chains and transform them into a more digital environment. The event usually attracts over 30,000 attendees. Ultimately the trade show will cover a wide range of aspects about logistics and how suppliers can become more productive and profitable.

Major Logistics Challenges‍

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Some of the top themes discussed at MODEX revolve around current issues affecting supply chains, which impact global markets. The need for digital transformation will be a crucial solution for making supply chains more agile and meeting demands. You will explore cybersecurity and privacy issues to counter the growing number of cyberthreats. Tuning into the latest cybersecurity technology is a must for suppliers.

While attending physical conventions still may involve social distancing, the knowledge gained from the event can be valuable considering the difficulties traditional supply chains face. Automated machines are available for picking and packing to help speed up last-mile delivery.

How Amazon Picking is So Efficient

Tracking fleet vehicles with smartphones is effortless. The more data a logistics service can generate and provide to colleagues, the more supply chains will become more efficient. Professional warehouse and transportation personnel attending MODEX 2022 will better understand the industry, what’s new on the horizon, learn how to improve their warehouse operations, and perhaps learn why Amazon picking is so efficient.


Tickets for MODEX 2022 may still be available, although 85 percent of tickets were purchased a year in advance. Attending this major trade show is just one way to expand your knowledge for developing new logistics strategies.  At Pallet Market, we manufacture and sell new, used, and recycled pallets, along with custom wooden pallets and crates, to Logistics firms, Food Services, and other distributors throughout Southern California. Contact our pallet experts today to learn more about how you can streamline your operation when you’re looking for pallet sales near me.