Pallet Market, Inc

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Pallet Market, Inc. manufactures and sells standard pallets, custom pallets and crates, and recycled pallets for Logistics, Food Service, and other distributors throughout Southern California.

At Pallet Market our pallet manufacturing capabilities are limitless, and our turnaround time is among the best in the industry. After 20+ years in the pallet manufacturing business we have refined the process, which enables us to build and deliver new, custom and recycled pallets and crates in record time.

While other pallet suppliers come and go, our customers have come to appreciate our quality products and reliability since 1995. No matter what your needs, from 10 - 10,000 pallets, we can build them in any size and configuration imaginable, and deliver them within your timeline!

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Pallet Products

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Our Services

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New Pallets

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Custom Pallets

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Recycled Pallets

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Custom Crates

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Drop-Trailer Service

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Kiln-Drying For Export

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Broken Pallet Pickup/Clean up

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Pallet Exchanges

Our Partners & Customers

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Why Pallet Market, Inc?

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Fast, Reliable, Sustainable since 1995

There are dozens of pallet companies to choose from, and many claim they have the lowest prices.

Fact is, many with those so-called “lowest prices” are here today, gone tomorrow.

There is a cost to doing things the right way, not just the easy way, and Pallet Market, Inc. is at the forefront.

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