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Top Ways to Hire and Retain Warehouse Workers

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Hiring & Retaining Warehouse Staff - Staff taking a photo
Vince Montanaro
Vince Montanaro
February 24, 2023

Recruiting and retaining warehouse workers can prevent a lot of headaches. To implement the top ways to hire and retain warehouse workers, investigate where your company dedicates time, money, and energy. Your first goal is to show that everyone on the team is respected. This is possible via investing in your employees, your workplace, and everyone's relationships.

Invest in Employees

Employee benefits

A competitive wage is the first and most obvious way to hire productive warehouse employees. However, the puzzle extends beyond wages – you will also want to explore other benefits package options. Offering health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, retirement savings plans, and even shares in the company can help your company's warehouse stand out. Giving generous health incentives tells employees and prospective employees that you care about their physical well-being.

Of course, investing in employees goes beyond the benefits package. Investing in your employees' future is key to reducing warehouse turnover. That might be through additional training or offering mentorship programs within your company. Establishing opportunities for advancement and defining a clear-cut career path are essential for keeping star talent with your company.

Flexibility with the job is another way to illustrate that you are willing to invest in employees. That might mean changing up your shifts or instituting annualized hours. Because unpleasant working hours are one of the least likable aspects of working in a warehouse, finding a way to meet employees' needs should be at the top of your list. If changing shifts is impossible for your operation, strive to be honest, transparent, and fair in all scheduling.

Invest in the Workplace

Warehouse Employee driving a forklift

Building your company's reputation as a good workplace is the key to a reliable warehouse workforce. This is why one of the top ways to hire and retain warehouse workers is to provide a work environment that is as safe and pleasant as possible. Besides cultivating a culture of safety, incorporating a few fun team-building touches can make a big difference. Every operation is different, but that might look like a comfortable break room, on-site perks, or perhaps even a table for table tennis. Giving your warehouse employees somewhere to relax while on break shows them they are appreciated.

Finding ways to make warehouse work as comfortable as possible is another way to retain reliable employees. By its nature, working in a warehouse is physically demanding. Starting an ergonomics program tells your employees that your company values their well-being. This will look different for every warehouse. However, you have a fantastic resource: your front-line workers.

Many employees leave their jobs because they do not feel they are being heard. To prevent high turnover rates, build a feedback loop into your company. Ask warehouse employees what potential problems they see and how they would solve them. Then, act on these suggestions. For example, warehouse management might help your company save money on costly returns by understanding the difference between kiln-dried and heat-treated pallets. Implementing their solutions will not only result in boosting morale but also lead to a more efficient warehouse operation.

Invest in Relationships

Warehouse employees celebrating

While good benefits and a fun workplace are important for warehouse employee retention, encouraging relationships is one of the most effective ways to keep your talent. That might be as simple as allowing music to be played throughout the warehouse or as elaborate as team-building trips. It is also essential for your managers to be on good terms with warehouse staff. While that might mean changing company culture, a reliable warehouse team is worth the effort.

Relationships should go beyond the warehouse. If they do not already exist, it is time to encourage your company's other departments to build positive relationships with your warehouse employees. When people at all levels of your organization have good relationships and understand each other's problems, you might be surprised at the magic that will happen. In addition, you will have less warehouse employee turnover.

Investing in Your Company's Future

Hiring, training, and keeping good warehouse workers is a way that you can help your company weather labor shortages. While building a culture that values safety, respect, and camaraderie takes time and effort, employee retention is worth the investment. One of the top ways to hire and retain warehouse workers is to provide a positive workspace. Pallets are part of that warehouse workspace, and building a relationship with a reliable pallet company can ensure the best possible working conditions for your warehouse team.