Why PMI?

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There are dozens of pallet companies to choose from, and many claim they have the lowest prices. Fact is, many of those companies with the so-called “lowest prices” are here today, gone tomorrow. While other competitors come and go, Pallet Market, Inc. customers have piece of mind knowing that their orders will actually be delivered… and on time!

There is a cost to doing things the right way, not just the easy way, and Pallet Market, Inc. has been doing things the "right way" since 1995.

finished wood pallets

Why Choose Us?

  • Reliability (in business since 1995)
  • 24/7/365 operation
  • Custom pallets & crates (any size, any configuration)
  • 15 Acres of Pallets
  • 1-hour delivery service available*
  • Free pallet delivery*
  • Drop-trailer service (100+ trailers)
  • 100% commitment to sustainability
  • Competitive prices

* Free delivery on orders of 200 pallets or more