Recycled "Used" Pallets

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Save Money, Save The Environment!

Recycled "Used" pallets are ideal for customers looking to save money, while helping to conserve our precious natural resources. Broken pallets come to us in a variety of ways. Some are purchased from collectors, while others are returned by customers after use. Each pallet is inspected, and then repaired or recycled. During the inspection process if it is determined that minor repairs will render the pallets reusable then repairs are made, otherwise they are sent to the recycling department for disassembly and mulching.

Recycling pallets save trees, which helps keep costs down for our customers.

How we create a Recycled Pallet

The creation process of a “Recycled Pallet” is the same as building a new pallet. We start by cutting 2×4 lumber our a table saw. Then, we run the cut lumber through a resaw machine. Once complete we put the cut 2×4 through the notching machine. To finish the process we nail all the pieces together and stack it ready for delivery.

Getting the Best Results

One of the benefits of using “Recycled Pallets” is that no new lumber is used in the process. Many of our customers buy used because it saves them money. For more information on “Recycled Pallets” please contact us.

workers recycling pallets
workers breaking apart pallets
workers stacking good recycled wood