New Pallets near Ontario, CA

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Hi-Quality, Long-Lasting Pallets

At Pallet Market, Inc. we believe that a long-lasting pallet starts with the best quality lumber and professional assembly. This philosophy leads to finished pallet products that are far superior to those of our competitors. Since 1995, our refined manufacturing  process of new pallets near Ontario, CA has allows us to build and deliver custom pallets quickly and efficiently to exact customer specifications.

Hi-tech Machinery

Introducing high-tech machinery into the pallet manufacturing process helps keep our costs in line by increasing the speed of the production, which ultimately lowers overall manufacturing costs of new pallets near Ontario, CA.

One of the many pieces of hi-tech equipment that helps us improve efficiency and lower costs is the resaw machine. With this machine we can resaw (rip) 2x4, 4x4, and 4x6 lumber lengthwise into three or more “top boards”, which make up the top of the pallet. Handling this function on-site allows us to buy larger size raw lumber instead of paying someone else to do it.

New Pallet Manufacturing Process

New Pallet Manufacturing Process
squaring wood on table saw
putting pallets together with nail gun
workers nailing a pallets together
worker stacking finished pallets

Pallet Market, Inc. is just the place to get pallets near Ontario, CA. W offer quality, long-lasting pallets for all of your needs. We start by cutting 2×4 lumber on a table saw the lengths and widths of the pallet, which will be used for the “Top Boards” and “Stringers”. The “Top Board” lumber is run through a resaw machine to make thinner pieces for the top of the pallet. Next, the “Stringer” lumber is run through a notching machine, which creates the support "beam" pieces used on 4-way pallets. Once that is complete the “top boards” are nailed to “Stringers” and the pallet is complete.