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Electric Delivery Trucks in the Pallet Ind.

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Pallet Industry - Electric Delivery Truck - Electric Charger
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
January 28, 2022

Supply chains are challenged to speed up processes to meet customers’ demands while moving toward sustainability. Some of the major solutions include shifting to electric-powered vehicles and other modern technology such as warehouse management software.

Meanwhile, researching the best deals on pallets for sale helps reduce wasteful expenses. Pallets are now viewed as necessary to logistics sustainability. Here's a look at the rise of electric delivery trucks in the pallet industry and other new technology improving logistics processes.

Pallet Manufacturers Turn To Electric Trucks

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An increasing number of pallet manufacturers are starting to consider investing in electric trucks to streamline their operations. Orange EV has teamed up with Oakland Pallet Co. to use the Orange EV T-Series truck. The heavy-duty Class 8 electric truck is charged on-site with solar power, then moves items within the facility and makes external deliveries. Orange EV is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs fleets for industrial firms.

The main reason why the pallet maker chose electric over diesel was to help reduce emissions and cut fuel costs. Adding telematics, which encompasses RFID-based IoT sensors that monitor delivery performance, makes logistics even more efficient. Orange EV trucks have built-in telematics, as more and more transportation companies are gaining interest in telematics and fleet management features. The technology relays real-time data on deliveries to headquarters and other locations.

When researching pallets for sale, warehouses might consider pallets that are 23 cubic feet in size to save space, compared with the more standard 31 cubic feet pallets. Some pallet makers provide a one-stop-shop solution for logistics firms who need pallets of various sizes.

Traditional Automakers Are Going Electric

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Just like how electric delivery trucks in the pallet industry cut costs and waste, EVs, in general, are quickly gaining adoption across multiple industries. General Motors (GM) and Ford Motor Company are making huge plans for designing electric vehicles and trucks. In 2021 GM introduced its new brand called BrightDrop, a one-stop-shop of products associated with last-mile deliveries. These products are designed with intelligent technology, as they connect and integrate well with electronic infrastructure.

BrightDrop helps speed up the number of packages delivered per day by 25 percent and encompasses applications designed to integrate telematics and fleet data. Deploying and using this technology requires a certain level of expertise in electrification mobility.

In early 2021 GM announced FedEx was testing its new BrightDrop EV600 electric van. The potential for expanding the electric van market among industrial operations has become attractive to the Detroit automaker. That's why it developed BrightDrop, to help usher in a new era of wide adoption for EVs and other products that promote sustainability while reducing physical strain.

Improving Warehouse Picking Practices

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Supply chain bottlenecks can build up at warehouses due to slowdowns in the picking process. To be competitive, warehouse picking best practices need to increase speed without increasing errors, which can be accomplished with warehouse inventory management software that includes automation. Other steps toward a more streamlined warehouse environment include coordination warehouse layout with picking routes and using pallets effectively. You can also establish multiple picking zones based on the velocity of the picking process.


While researching pallets for sale to help cut costs, consider how electric delivery trucks in the pallet industry are becoming more common. Learn about electrification mobility applications and telematics to gain a competitive edge in logistics. Contact us today for more information on pallets for sale and the electric truck revolution.