Custom Pallets Near San Bernardino, CA

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Recycled "Used" Pallets
Used pallets are perfect for customers who want to save money. Another reason to choose recycled pallets is that doing so helps to conserve trees. At Pallet Market Inc (PMI), we sell and deliver used and custom pallets in San Bernardino, CA or to any location through Southern California.

Recycling used pallets is one our specialties at PMI. Our team collects broken pallets, inspects, and then rebuilds them using recycled used lumber rendering the pallets reusable.

Free delivery on orders of 200 pallets or more!

New Pallets
Our massive scale and efficient manufacturing process enable us to build and deliver new pallets in Los Angeles, CA or anywhere in Southern California quickly, at competitive prices.

Custom Pallets
No matter what the size or configuration, if you are looking for custom pallets in San Bernardino, CA, or any location through Southern California, our team can fabricate custom crates to your exact specifications. If you can draw it, we can build it. Get a Quote today!

1-Hour "Rush" Delivery Service Available*

All pallets are delivered with our own trucks ranging in size from 12 bobtail, to 12 ft. stake bed, to 53 ft. flatbeds & trailers. Whether you're looking for 10 pallets or 10,000, our facility can produce and deliver new or used pallets in San Bernardino, CA or anywhere in SoCal FAST!

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Used pallets in San Bernardino, CA -  Used pallets Los Angeles, CA

Drop-Trailer Service

As part of the drop-trailer program, we place empty trailers on the customer premises where broken pallets can be discarded. When the trailers are full PMI will pick them up and leave empty replacement trailers saving the customer time and labor costs by eliminating sorting, storage, clean-up, and disposal.

Broken Pallet Pickup & Clean Up

We will send one of our trucks to your business location and our team will clean up and haul away all of your broken, used pallets in San Bernardino, CA or from most locations in Southern California. This service is available upon request.

*1-hour and same day deliveries for used/recycled pallets. Delivery times for custom pallets are based on the delivery date agreed upon the order was placed.