About Us

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Pallet Market Inc. was founded in 1995 by Alexander and Julia de los Rios. The company name was recommended by Alexander’s father because it represents their business and it was an easy name to remember. They agreed it was the perfect name and decided to register it and start this new adventure as entrepreneurs in the highly competitive pallet industry. The reasoning behind the name “Pallet Market” was because everything in a store had to be shipped on a pallet. After doing some research on how many pallets were used in the USA, the conclusion was that “every 30 days there were approximately 150 million pallets being moved”, and that was an attractive number!

The first few years were very tough for Alexander and Julia, but they never stopped working. It was hard to convince customers to give them a chance because they were a brand new company. For them to succeed, they had to prove to their customers that they were a trusted company and that’s exactly what they did. Pallet Market Inc. a little more each day. By 2011 they had over 50 trucks operating on the roads and delivering a huge number of pallets. Everything was going well until 2012 when a devastating fire destroyed everything they had. After the fire their loyal employees volunteered to help clean up and rebuild the facility. Today the business is bigger and more successful than it has ever been, thanks to its loyal customers and employees.