Our Services

Pallet Market Inc. has more than 20 years of service in the pallet industry. We became one of the leading pallet producers and distributers in south California. Our years of knowledge and experience provides a fast and efficient service satisfying our customer needs in the time expected.


Drop trailer service

  • Our professional drop trailer service helps freight companies save time and money.

Pickup broken pallets

  • We will send one of our trucks to pickup any broken pallets upon request.

Sort pallets on site

  • We sort pallets at our facility quick and easy.

Repair pallets on site

  • Our professional team can repair any pallet.

We carry 2 million dollar insurance

  • We are highly protected from any damage or inconvenient.

Clean up broken pallet area

  • We will clean up any broken pallet area for our customers.

We are 24-7-365

Our dedicated team will professionally serve your company 24 hours, 7 days a week the entire year.

We do pallet exchange

  • We offer a pallet exchange service for our customers.

We make custom pallets

  • We customize any pallet size to satisfy our customers needs.