We care about our Environment

We care about protecting the environment and we are conscience it is very important. That is why, one of our business priorities is: “Always recycle as much as we can”. To help the recycling process, we have three pallet unassemble machines. These machines helps our company recycle 99% of the unusable pallets by cutting the nails between the boards and the runners so we can repair the used broken pallets. The leftover amount of wood that we cannot use, is sent to a company that mulches it. To help us keep a green environment, please call us for pallet recycle.

How we create a Recycled Pallet?

The creation process of a “Recycled Pallet” is the same as building a “New Pallet.” We start by putting 2×4 lumber to cut through our table saws. Subsequently, we place the cut lumber through our resaw machine and once it is ready, we put the cut 2×4 through the notching machine. To finish the process we nail all the pieces together and stack it ready for delivery.

Getting the Best Results

One of the benefits of selling our “Used Pallets” is that new lumber is not used as in the production of new pallets. We look after our customers to save them money and have the best product to successfully deliver their services. For more information regarding our “Used Pallets,” do not hesitate to contact us.