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Technology's Impact On The Pallet Industry

December 24, 2021
Pallet Industry Technology's Impact - Stack of pallets
Considering digital technology's impact on the pallet industry, it's stunning how much pallet production and usage have improved in such a short time.
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Why Recycling in the Pallet Industry Works

December 10, 2021
Recycling Pallet Industry - Old Pallets
Several industries are working toward economic and environmental sustainability. One of the sustainable solutions in supply chains is pallet industry recycling.
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Top Tips To Quickly Adapt Warehouse Processes

November 26, 2021
Adapting to Warehouse Processes - People packing boxes
With the pandemic-era supply chain crunch, many new 3rd party logistics (3PL) firms are competing to quickly adapt warehouse processes using digital technology.
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Threats to Warehouses in the Wake of COVID-19

November 12, 2021
Warehouses Covid-19 Challenges - Warehouse employee sitting with a facemask
The pandemic has significantly affected industries such as warehouses. Here's a look at the increasing challenges faced by warehouses in the wake of COVID-19.
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Optimal Demand Planning for Warehouses

October 22, 2021
Demand Planning for Warehouses - Warehouse Employee planning
Demand planning for warehouses is complicated, but you can still aim for efficiency in your demand forecasting with the right software for your operation.
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Improving Supply Planning in Logistics

October 8, 2021
How to Improve Supply Planning in Logistics - Logistics and transportation
The future of supply planning in logistics includes digital technology, and logistics firms that adopt emerging digital technologies such as AI will prevail.
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Freight Claims 101: The Basics

September 24, 2021
Freight Claims 101 - Shipment Boxes
In the logistics industry, it's helpful for shipping and carrier service workers to periodically review freight claims 101, the basics to mitigate financial losses.
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When to Use a Drop Trailer Program

September 10, 2021
When To Use A Drop Trailer Program - Trailer entering to a warehouse
There are pros and cons to using drop trailers. Here are some important points for logistics firms to know about when to use and not use a drop trailer program.
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Benefits of Automated Palletizing Systems

August 27, 2021
Automated Palletizing Systems - Robots in a warehouse
Manufacturers are turning to automated systems as a way to streamline warehousing. Robots can now perform tasks more reliably and accurately than humans.
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MODEX 2022 in Atlanta, GA March 28-31, 2022

August 13, 2021
MODEX 2022 in Atlanta GA March 28-31 - Fair
Here's what you'll see at MODEX 2022 with over 900 exhibitors from the logistics industry and government where they will showcase innovative supply chain solutions.
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California’s Pandemic Economy in Logistics

July 23, 2021
California’s Pandemic Economy in Logistics
Much has changed for California's pandemic economy in logistics as suppliers look to improve supply chain performance in the state. Here's what it looks like now.
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Kiln Drying vs. Heat Treatment

July 9, 2021
Kiln Drying vs. Heat Treatment - Stack of Wood Pallets
The main point to remember about kiln drying vs. heat treatment is that the former is a process to reduce moisture levels while the latter sterilizes wood.
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Clean Air Systems for Warehouses & Logistics

June 25, 2021
Clean Air System for Warehouses
Installing and maintaining clean air systems for warehouses that you operate will improve the air quality and create a healthier environment for workers.
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Top Challenges When Managing Warehouse Labor

June 11, 2021
Warehouse Challenges - Managing Labor - Woman in a warehouse
Some of the top challenges when managing warehouse labor are overcoming labor shortages that include hiring, onboarding, training, employee retention, and more.
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Top Reasons for Logistics Outsourcing

May 28, 2021
Top Reasons for Logistics Outsourcing - Different types of transportation
The top reasons for logistics outsourcing include a reduction in labor costs and so much more. In this article, we will explore other things to consider.
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Logistics Challenges and How to Overcome Them

May 14, 2021
Group of managers discussing logistics - How to Overcome Logistic Challenges
In supply chain management, there are many operational challenges managers face daily. Here are the top 3 logistics challenges and how to overcome them.
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Improve Your Inventory Management Techniques

April 23, 2021
Person scanning a box - Best Practices Inventory Management
Do you want to make your warehouse operation more profitable? If so, you need to continually adjust your inventory management techniques to make it happen.
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Customer Satisfaction Improves With Micro-Fulfillment Growth

April 9, 2021
Man inside a warehouse - Micro-Fulfillment Growth in Retail
Micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) decrease order fulfillment time using automation technology that makes operations more efficient than using manual labor.
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Last-Mile Problem in Your Logistics Operation

March 26, 2021
Person doing a delivery - Solving The Last-Mile Problem in Logistics
For years, many in supply chain and logistics have been fixated on how to solve the last-mile problem in logistics. Here are a few thoughts on the subject.
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How 5G Is Set to Transform Supply Chains

March 12, 2021
Bright "5G" Sign - 5G Impact on Supply Chain
5G is the new global wireless standard and it is set to transform supply chains in many ways. Here is a glimpse into how it might affect your operations.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Warehouse Automation

February 26, 2021
Automated robotic arms used in a warehouse - Warehouse Technology - Artificial Intelligence
Is artificial intelligence (AI) in warehouse automation feasible for your organization? If it makes sense, then be sure to weigh the pros and cons.
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Handle Supply Chain Disruptions With a Good Continuity Plan

February 12, 2021
Supply Chain - How to Manage Supply Chain Disruptions
Rethinking your logistics continuity plan will give you the ability to handle supply chain disruptions in a more efficient way. These strategies provide insights!
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How to Choose a 3PL Provider

January 22, 2021
Two logistic engineers discussing at a shipping yard - Choosing a 3PL Provider
Does your shipping organization need to outsource work to a 3PL provider? Here’s how to choose a 3PL provider that can meet your needs for your company!
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3PL Outsourcing Pros and Cons

January 8, 2021
Photo of the top view of a cargo ship with a lot of containers - Pros & Cons of Third Party Outsourcing
If your shipping organization is thinking of 3PL outsourcing, here are the pros and cons that you should consider before making a final decision.
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